I B I Z A: The good, the bad & the horrific.

Posted on December 16 2014 8 comments

Photos: Deano and Myself I spent most of September in Ibiza and it was a real mixed bag. See, in my head, I had conjured…

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Fashion ‘Round the World: FALL ’14

Posted on December 1 2014 11 comments

While much of the globe has been layering up a storm for months, here in LA, we are just starting to incorporate long coats and…

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11 things I will miss about Venice Beach

Posted on November 19 2014 13 comments

Photos: Myself and Deano The rapidly gentrifying but still (kinda?) bohemian enclave of Venice Beach, California has been my home for the past 11 years,…

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INSTAWORLD: Halloween Edition.

Posted on November 2 2014 3 comments

Hope yours was freaky. Mine involved liberally applying blue dog hair gel to my face for about 3 hours and a generous helping of eyeball…

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5 sustainable LA brands you can shout about.

Posted on October 27 2014 9 comments

I’ve been threatening to write about sustainability for awhile so it’s time to put my money where my mouth is. After all, it’s the biggest…

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Sustainable Wood Prints & Iphone Cases for Sale!

Posted on October 23 2014 7 comments

A quick note to let you all know our Etsy Shop is open! We are selling… Sustainable Wood Travel Prints. Travel-themed Iphone Cases Custom Wood…

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Posted on October 15 2014 6 comments

My favorite Global Instas right now. I will be the first admit — I blatantly and shamelessly stole this idea from Mode D’amour (not envious…

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